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Country Genre Charts - Android realease

Hello guys,

today we uploaded our Android App. Will be soon in the Google Play Store.

Hope you Like it.

Uwe Update for April - New Wallet_

Hello everyone,

we wanted to make a wallet Update because of some issues we had in the past.

Our new wallet is now ready and we will start this new Blockchain in about two to three weeks from now. Because the protocol changed a lot we have to go to this new Blockchain. This is a complete upgrade (new base entirely) from the previous release.

All wallets will be credited in a 1:1 manner. If you have BRO on one address for which you own the private Key (in YOUR WALLET.DAT) you will also own the same amount of BRO on our New Chain.
For you, as a user, nothing will change.

The only thing you have to do, you will need to dump (export) your wallet into a dump file and import into the new wallet once it's released. Its very simple. No worries. Your Addresses and Keys stay the same. No one has access to them. We plan to release the new wallet at the beginning of May.

How to make a copy of your Wallet?
Open The Wallet
Click on File
Click on Backup Wallet
Save the Wallet

It is important that when we reach BLOCK 500.000 please don't send or accept BRO as it could lead to potential loss as that is the date the snapshot is being taken.

We take all balances from BLOCK 500.000 and automatically send out your coins to the new Chain.


I chose this address as an example. If on Block 500.000 the Balance of 3,780.10596847 BRO still exists we will send out 3,780.10596847 BRO to this address in one transaction. All-Transactions in our old chain will not show up. Only the Balance will get sent out.

We will coordinate with Crex24 and also inform Tradsetoshi.

What are the next steps:
- Shutdown Payouts from Block 495.000
- You still earn BRO for listening Radio, but payouts will be disabled
- Starting the new Network (Blockchain)
- Waiting for Block 500.000
- Sending out ALL balances
- Compiling the New wallets for you to download it on our Website. (Windows, Mac, Linux)
- You are then able to import the secured file (wallet.dat)

If you have questions please let us know.


Masternodes Payout for March is done

Hello everyone,

we made the payouts for Masternodes and Staking nodes Today.

Have a nice Weekend.


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