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Country Genre Charts - Update for March2019

Hello everyone,

today is our second Birthday. On 19.03.2017 was going online. First of all, I want to thank you so much for being part of our Community and help us out by adding stations or helping other users understanding what is and help us grow.

With this post, I want to give you a quick update on things we are working at the moment and things which are done until now.

1) Creating a new Content System for users

Admins, Moderators and some Users with a special status were able to edit and add radio stations for since the start of the website.

To get a much better quality of radio stations in our database we want to roll out this feature to all user which have an account on and want to help us adding and editing stations.

This Update requires a new structure of our database for the website and our apps. This is the reason we don't have rolled out our Android app yet.

The Good News is... We are ready to roll this feature out today. We need a short downtime of the Website tonight from 22 UTC (roundabout). After this update of the database and a lot more code, we have improved we are also able to roll out the Android App.

It is possible that we have some bugs in this new version. But as you know we fix them all. If you find something please post it here and we will fix it as soon as possible. If you want to add or edit radio stations, please post your user ID in this threat. All User will later be able to do this. But for further testing, we need a small group of people first.

2) Android App

We are also ready to roll out the Android App in a few days from now. We have to test everything (we have changed) and plan to make it available in April 2019. We also have to upgrade the IOS App. This will also be done in April.

3) New wallet Version

We know we have some issue with our existing wallet. So we have to replace it and rewrite a lot of things. We also work on this over 5 months now. An exact date is not possible to address.

The great News: The new wallet software is in testnet and everything is working great. We want to make sure everything is running and we will test it some days more.

I am pretty sure we will roll this new wallet out in April as well.

4) Special 2. Birthday Promo

We will also do a special promo to celebrate our second Birthday with you. We will double payouts for one week. We will announce the date later this month. We want to have everything ready to do this promo. (New Content System, New Android App, Updated iOS APP, and the new wallet.) After we upgraded everything we will announce this special bonus for you all.

We are here to stay and hope you will support us as you did for the last two years.

Thanks so much to everyone.

Have a great day


News in our Forum - Masternode Payouts for March 2019


we have made the payouts for the masternode and staking node shares today.

Have a nice Day.


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