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New Masternodes & New Staking node


last Weekend we added two new Masternodes to the website in the shares were sold out within an hour. We will also add new Masternodes in Q1 2019.

1) New Staking Node:

We will add a new staking node later today. Stakingnodes 1-50 with 1.000 shares.

Key facts:
Number of shares: 50.000 Shares.
Price per Share: 2,5 BRO.
Address: BiJHP2mZJrFaCGp5AYLdiwZaoz9KTV9gGe
NO Hosting Fees!!!

Link to the explorer

125.000 BRO Staking Pool

This node is up 24/7 and will get staking rewards. You are able to buy a share like you know it from Masternodes. We will add 50.000 Shares to the market and you can buy shares and earn more BRO if you want. We will also add more Staking nodes if there is demand for it. We will do monthly payouts to the owner of the shares.

Shares are online NOW

2) Lottery

Our winners of the iPhone X, Galaxy TAB and Galaxy Smartphone will be determined on Sunday 02.12.2018 - 18 UTC. We do it like we did it in the past in a Livestream on Twitch.

Livestream on Twitch

3) Last day of Voting on

Today is the last day to vote for our community to get listed on a new Exchange. Its only one klick for users which want to vote for us. Give us 10 Seconds of your time and vote for us.

Vote for Bitradio

We will also post some exiting news next week. Yes there are some news about the Android App. More soon.

Have a nice day.


Coin Voting on Folex

Hello together,
Votings are a great opportunity to get a Coin listed on a Playtform(Exchange) with the help of the Community. Because it shows the strength and importance of a good Community. We already won 2 Votings, and now there is a new opportunity to get us listed on a new Exchange. We are added to the Voting on, go there and Vote for us.

Folex is a new trading platform which will launch in 4 days. The Exchange isn't just an Exchange, they have a plan to implement many nice and unique Features. Have a look on where you can find further informations about the whole Folex Project!


Bitradio - News for November 2018 & Black Friday Special

1. Black Friday Weekend

From 23.11.2018 02:00 UTC until 25.11.2018 23:59 UTC we will double payouts. Every user which is streaming over and will get 2x BRO for streaming. Happy Streaming to everyone and thanks for your Support.

2. New iOS Version in Q4 2018

We will publish a new Version of our iOS Player. All users with iOS 9.0 can also use our App and can earn BRO. From iPhone 4s and iPad 2, all users are able to use our app. At the moment only users with iOS 11 or higher are able to use our app. After this release, all users with iOS 9.0 are able to use the app.

3. Android App

We still work on the Android app and made huge steps to get it released in Q1 2019. I also want to show you the actual alpha in this Video. Soon we will be ready for the opened Beta and we will invite you to test the App.

Here you can see the working Alpha of our Android app.

4. Masternode Shares

We will add two new master nodes to our website this weekend. We will publish It in the News section of our website when they are online.

You can see it here:

In total 5.000 new shares can be purchased with BRO.

5. New Wallet Software / Blockchain

We will move the Bitradio Blockchain to a new technology in December and January 2018. The result will be a much better and faster Wallet, syntonization and stable more Masternode Network.

We work hard on it to get it done. We will publish more information about it as soon as we are ready to switch to this new Version of the Bitradio Wallet / Blockchain.

One Example: You can run it stable on a Raspberry Pi with 1 GB of Memory. New features will be possible with this new Codebase. (IOS and Android Wallet f.e)

Happy streaming


Bitradio Weekley Challenges #2

Hello everyone,
today the Bitradio weekly Challenge #2 will start.

How does it work?
In the picture above there is a hidden private key for an address with 300 Bro on it (you can check the amount on the explorer: BrEFcjd6N5dNpMLWX33Z83GuJ36rvcV1Mu). The challenge will go for one week, from now. If nobody solved the picture we will add the 300Bro to the next Challenge.
For make it easier every day a hint will be released on our social media(Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Dicord)

Good Luck to everyone who will try
Have a nice Weekend

Masternodes / Shares Payout will be done tonight


I will do the Masternodes Payouts today. All shares should be paid out tomorrow.

Have a nice Weekend.


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