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2,420,406 Minutes played

Radio Record Медляк FM

Soft Rock, Disco, Downtempo, Dream Pop, Electronic, Chill, Pop, Love and Romance
Radio Record broadcasts live from St Petersburg. The best romantic music from around the world.
432,930 Minutes played

Hirschmilch Radio Prog-House

Progressive, Electronic, Soul, Disco
Since it's launch at the end of 2008 brings you free electronic music 24/7. At launch we had just the ele...
249,385 Minutes played

RMI - Italo Disco Classic

Disco, 80s, Electronic, 00s
Radio Maxitalo has a modern look and nine channels of high quality audio. Our main goal is to promote Italo Disco New Ge...
185,145 Minutes played

Radio Record Chill House

Chill House, Disco, Soul, Funk
Radio Record broadcasts live from St Petersburg. Listen to Chill House music.
173,260 Minutes played

Radio Azzurra

Italian, Oldies, Pop, Disco
Radio Azzurra, l'italiana!
119,315 Minutes played

Радио Ульяновск FM 104.2

Rock, Contemporary R&B, Dance, Disco, Electronic, Pop
Radio Ulyanovsk FM 104.2 is a Russian infotainment radio station. You will hear foreign and domestic Hits of past years...
103,060 Minutes played

We House Radio

House, Disco, Funk
We House Radio is Internet radio specializing in house music. In the beginning of 2003, a few music enthusiasts started...
100,120 Minutes played

Ретро FM 80e

Disco, Pop
One of the most popular Russian retro music radio stations. Listen to domestic and foreign music of the 80s.
98,895 Minutes played

NRJ Hits

80s, Heavy Metal, Disco, Reggae
Music of different genres in several languages. You will hear new songs and old favorite hits.
64,430 Minutes played

Radio Stad Den Haag

Disco, 80s, New Wave
Italo Disco, High Nrg and Dance from the 80's
58,625 Minutes played

xRadio Latvia Greatest

Top 40, Adult, Disco, Oldies, Pop, Dance Pop
Live Music Yourself radio Greatest songs of all time, — Music to life.
56,555 Minutes played

Radio Italo4you

Disco, 80s
Radio Italo4you is one of the longest operating Internet radio stations playing Italo Disco, Euro Disco, High Energy and...
41,975 Minutes played

Galattica FM

Funk, Disco, Soul, 70s, 80s, 90s, Dance, Oldies, Old Time Radio, Old Time, Old School, R&B and Urban
Galattica FM wants to be a dynamic and fast internet radio, based on selected and high quality black music. . #musiccan...
37,650 Minutes played

Radio Fox4You

Disco, Pop, Italian
Radio Fox4You - Your station for Discofox, Popschlager, 80's Music and Italo-Hits!
36,815 Minutes played

80s80s Digital/DAB+

Pop, Dream Pop, Dance Pop, Classic Rock, Rock, Soft Rock, Light Rock, New Wave, Disco, 80s
80s80s - DE New wave, pop, rock, disco become a pool of samples. Reason enough to start a journey into these years here...
31,855 Minutes played

Мелодія FM Romantic

Disco, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, Pop
Melodiya FM is a Ukrainian radio station. This channel gives you beautiful romantic songs. Listen to Chris Rea, Fausto P...
30,945 Minutes played


80s, 70s, 90s, Dance, Mainstream, Disco
We play Italo Disco hits and rarities - 24/7 & 365 Live! Dance to the finest italo beats on the web!
28,420 Minutes played

PSYCHEDELIK.COM Progressive Trance Psychedelic stream

Trance, Psychedelic, Ambient, Disco, Progressive
La French??Webradio
26,725 Minutes played

Radio 4 U

Pop, Rap, Rock, Disco, Charts, Dance
Radio 4 U Online
23,840 Minutes played

Радиола 106.2 FM Екатеринбург

90s, Pop, Rock, Disco, News, Talk, 80s
Radiola 106.2 FM is a radio station with a lot of music from the 80s and 90s. The radio station offers their listeners a...
22,880 Minutes played

RMF - 80s Disco

Polish, Disco, 80s
A channel dedicated entirely to the music of the 80s decade. The greatest hits that have survived to this day and hits d...
21,895 Minutes played


Heavy Metal, Disco, 80s, Power Pop, 00s, Pop, Spanish
Discover The La Jungle Radio through our website / App! Listen to LA JUNGLA RADIO on
19,505 Minutes played

Радио Русские Песни

90s, 00s, Pop, Rock, Disco, Dance, 80s
Only the best popular Russian songs of past years and our time.
19,030 Minutes played

Radio Record Eurodance

00s, Techno, Acid House, European, Disco, Electronic, 90s
Radio Record broadcasts live from St Petersburg. Popular dance music of the 90s and 00s plays on this channel.
18,505 Minutes played

Radio Salü

Alternative, Power Pop, New Wave, Acoustic Blues, Disco, Latin
Radio Station from Germany, Saarbrücken
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