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1,253 Stations with Genre Reggae

391,205 Minutes played

Jamaican Roots Radio

Ska, Reggae, Reggae Roots, Acoustic Blues
Somos una emisora 100% online creada en la ciudad de Tunja; Colombia. Transmitiendo desde el año 2011 música con raíces...
140,920 Minutes played

Balla Radio

African, Folk, Reggae, Demo
Balla Radio is the only radio devoted 100% to Cameroonian music. Our goal is to promote Cameroonian music throughout the...
99,645 Minutes played

Radio UDG Lagos de Moreno

Talk, Classic Alternative, Reggae, Power Pop, Electronic
The best musical works of various styles for every taste, in addition to relevant information, as well as events from th...
98,720 Minutes played

NRJ Hits

80s, Heavy Metal, Disco, Reggae
Music of different genres in several languages. You will hear new songs and old favorite hits.
93,405 Minutes played
5 88.6

Funk, Jazz, 00s, R&B and Urban, Rap, Reggae, Soul
With a highly talented pool of over 80 volunteer DJs/Announcers, some of whom have been with the station for over fiftee...
88,045 Minutes played

King Dub Radio

Reggae, Easy Listening
48,025 Minutes played

Bob's SKA Radio

Reggae, Punk, Rock Steady, Ska
Not a show or podcast, it is non-stop ska, reggae, rocksteady, 2Tone, ska/punk and more. From 1960's Jamaican classics t...
44,975 Minutes played


Reggae, Reggaeton, Reggae Roots, Contemporary Reggae
808 Live Reggaecast – Real Reggae Music Since 1997! Listen to the real Reggae pioneer Radio on the Internet
40,960 Minutes played

Antenne Niederrhein

German, Talk, Pop, Rock, Country, Reggae, News
Antenne Niederrhein - DE - You can hear local and world news and keep track of current events around the clock. Ther...
39,860 Minutes played

Irie 98.3 - Hamilton

Pop Reggae, Reggae, Reggae Roots, Reggaeton, Ragga, Ska, Contemporary Reggae
Irie is Bermuda's # 1 and only Reggae station. We are the home of Reggae in Bermuda.
38,805 Minutes played

Surf Roots Radio

Ska, Dub, Ragga, Reggae, Rock
Surf Toots Radio & TV
34,770 Minutes played

714 Classic Rock

Pop, Psychedelic, Classic Rock, Reggae, Folk
28,360 Minutes played

POWER 95 FM - Bermuda

Hip Hop, Latin Rap and Hip Hop, Praise and Worship, Rap, Latin Rap and Hip Hop, R&B and Urban, Old School, Contemporary Reggae, Pop Reggae, Reggae, Reggae Roots, Reggaeton
POWER 95 FM is the BIG Station in Bermuda for HipHop, R&B, OldSchool and Reggae.
26,525 Minutes played

Radio Record Trap

Reggae, Hip Hop, Techno, Trip Hop, Garage, Electronic
Radio Record broadcasts live from St Petersburg. Record Trap is one of many radio station projects. Trap is a mix of Dub...
18,135 Minutes played

Costa Rican Russian Radio

Pop, Electro, New Wave, Soft Rock, Contemporary R&B, Reggae
Costa Rican Russian Radio plays popular music of various genres.
13,450 Minutes played

Lion Paw Radio

Reggae Roots, Reggaeton, Reggae
Lion Paw Radio station plays the very best in all reggae sub-genres and cover many other urban genres.
13,325 Minutes played

Radio Galaxy 105 Reggae

Top 40, Hot Country Hits, Dance, Old School, Oldies, Ska, Ragga, Drum and Bass, Reggae, Reggae Roots, Reggaeton
Reggae Galaxy 105 is the Reggae genre based musical radio station that is broadcasting from Canada and this radio is Fea...
7,150 Minutes played

Allzic Radio Reggae

Reggae, Reggae Roots, Reggaeton, Contemporary Reggae, Ragga, Drum and Bass, Dance, Top 40, Hot Country Hits, Oldies, Pop Reggae
Allzic Radio Reggae - You straight listen the best of titles to reggae on Allzic Radio Reggae. Allzic Radio Reggae broad...
6,625 Minutes played


Rock, Pop, Reggae, Alternative, Ska, Fusion
6,420 Minutes played


5,435 Minutes played

Radio Nova

Reggae, Jazz, Electro, Hip Hop, World Fusion, Underground Hip Hop, New Wave
Radio Nova is a musical FM radio station, founded and directed between 1981 and 2007 by Jean-François Bizot, born from t...
4,855 Minutes played

Black Roots Radio - Lovers Rock Radio

Rock Steady, Dancehall, Reggae
4,810 Minutes played

Radio Up Beat FM

Contemporary Reggae, Pop Reggae, Reggae, Contemporary Gospel, Easy Listening, Gospel, News, Talk, Hawaiian and Pacific
We put people first, thats why we are number 1
4,740 Minutes played

R.SH Deutsch

10s, 90s, Dance Pop, Dream Pop, Indie Pop, Pop, Latin Pop, Power Pop, World Pop, Dance, Celtic Rock, Christian Rock, Classic Rock, Folk Rock, Garage Rock, Hard Rock, Light Rock, Latin Rock, Soft Rock, Rock Steady, Rockabilly, Prog Rock, Piano Rock, Modern Rock, Rock, Soul, Alternative Rap, Christian Rap, East Coast Rap, Gangsta Rap, Rap, Rap Metal, West Coast Rap, Hip Hop, Latin Rap and Hip Hop, Praise and Worship, Underground Hip Hop, Reggae, Pop Reggae, Alternative, Classic Alternative, German, 00s
Here the best topical German songs run round-the-clock!
4,695 Minutes played

Scotch Bonet Radio

Dancehall, Reggae, Dirty South, R&B and Urban, Soul
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