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1,230 Stations with Genre Soul

462,560 Minutes played

Radio Record Deep

Funk, Techno, Lounge, Ambient, Soul, Electronic, Deep House
Radio Record broadcasts live from St Petersburg. Listen to Deep Electronic music.
432,950 Minutes played

Hirschmilch Radio Prog-House

Progressive, Electronic, Soul, Disco
Since it's launch at the end of 2008 brings you free electronic music 24/7. At launch we had just the ele...
299,495 Minutes played

Radio Record Chill-Out

Downtempo, Chill-Out, Lounge, Ambient, Soul, Electronic
Radio Record broadcasts live from St Petersburg. Listen to Chill-Out music.
241,700 Minutes played

Radio Record Chill House

Chill House, Disco, Soul, Funk
Radio Record broadcasts live from St Petersburg. Listen to Chill House music.
165,150 Minutes played


Soul, Power Pop, 00s
Radio station from St Petersburg playing soft music and golden hits of 70-90s.
128,215 Minutes played

Nostalgie Côte d'Ivoire 101.1 FM

Worldbeat, Soul, African, Afrikaans, Dance, Dance Pop, News, World Pop
Abidjan Plateau - Côte d'Ivoire Réception: +225 20 21 10 52 Service commercial: +225 20 21 10 53 Service marketing: +...
121,575 Minutes played

Retro Soul Radio

Soul, Funk, Jazz
Hi and welcome to Retro Soul Radio where the passion for Soul, Funk, Jazz & Disco Funk lends itself to your ears. Soul m...
118,845 Minutes played

113fm Bluesville Radio

Pop, Folk, Soul
113fm Bluesville Radio, Blues, Folk, Soul
93,585 Minutes played
9 88.6

Funk, Jazz, 00s, R&B and Urban, Rap, Reggae, Soul
With a highly talented pool of over 80 volunteer DJs/Announcers, some of whom have been with the station for over fiftee...
81,650 Minutes played

Radio Monaco

Funk, Soul, Urban Contemporary, R&B and Urban, House, Rap, Deep House, Hip Hop
Music of various genres from around the world.
68,600 Minutes played

Oldies Soul Ska

Punk, Ska, Soul
Oldies Soul Ska Punk Webradio
60,060 Minutes played

Deep House Radio (DHR) Cork City, Ireland

Electronic, Classic Alternative, LoFi, Soul
Relax to the music of Deep House, to the compositions of melodic sound with influences of soul, jazz and African rhythms...
52,220 Minutes played

Radio Regenbogen 2000er

Rock, Pop, Rap, Britpop, Folk, Punk, Hip Hop, Jungle, Soul, Jazz, 00s
Radio Regenbogen is a popular German radio station. This web channel of the best Songs of the 2000s gives you everything...
46,215 Minutes played

Galattica FM

Funk, Disco, Soul, 70s, 80s, 90s, Dance, Oldies, Old Time Radio, Old Time, Old School, R&B and Urban
Galattica FM wants to be a dynamic and fast internet radio, based on selected and high quality black music. . #musiccan...
45,845 Minutes played

Radio Record Organic

House, Techno, Soul, Alternative, Electronic, Deep House, Chill, Soundtracks, Rock
Radio Record broadcasts live from St Petersburg. You'll hear StaVroS, Lee Burridge, Storgards, Tim Green, Beije, Tim Gre...
41,890 Minutes played

Radio Kishiwada

Rock, Hip Hop, House, Techno, Electronic, Soul, Trip Hop, Pop
Radio Kishiwada is a Japanese infotainment radio station. You'll hear music of different genres, which was created by th...
23,780 Minutes played

On The Rise

Hip Hop, Soul, R&B and Urban, Classic R&B
On The Rise Radio has become a Rising Station with Artist Reime Schemes, Actor DJ (Shogun Overload & 8 Year Old DJ Den e...
20,195 Minutes played

Rising Together Gospel Radio

Christian, Classic Christian, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Contemporary Gospel
Rising Together Gospel Radio is focused on motivating and empowering Men, Women, Couples and Families to a changed minds...
19,550 Minutes played

NSB Radio

Jungle, Funk, Soul, Dance, Electro, Electronic, Breakbeat, Big Beat, Dubstep, Drum and Bass
We love bass, beats and breakbeats.
17,815 Minutes played

Radio Arabella Wien

Oldies, Soul, Funk, Rock & Roll
Listen to music of various genres. On this radio station you'll hear famous musicians and performers from past decades t...
17,135 Minutes played

Radio Record Dream Pop

New Wave, Funk, House, Country, Folk, Soul, Ambient, Dream Pop, Indie Pop
Radio Record broadcasts live from St Petersburg. Quiet, gentle music for a good mood and relaxation. You'll hear Lianne...
15,145 Minutes played

Southern Soul Network Radio

Soul, South American, Blues, Contemporary R&B, Contemporary Blues
Your Home for Soul, Blues & RnB
8,335 Minutes played

Radio Regenbogen Soft & Lazy

Easy Listening, Chill, Soul, Jazz, Blues, Ambient, Country, Downtempo, Dream Pop
Radio Regenbogen is a popular German radio station. Relax and let your thoughts wander. Soft & Lazy brings you soothing...
6,565 Minutes played

BBC Radio 6 Music

Oldies, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Pop, Rock, Rock & Roll, Dance, Disco, Soul, Funk, Best Of
BBC 6 Music remit: To entertain lovers of popular music with a service that celebrates the alternative spirit in popular...
5,450 Minutes played

Golden Years Radio

50s, 60s, 70s, Disco, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Country, Blues, Soul, Fusion, Oldies
The greatest hits from the fifties and sixties are only played on this Golden Years radio. Here you can discover, share...
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