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What is ?

Bitradio is a community driven webradio website. Our free radio service brings together more than 30,000 radio stations on a single platform. You get Bitradiocoins while listening to your favorite radio station. You can exchange them to Bitcoin or hold them to own a share of our websites and services.

I am Not Connected to the Node

If you see: "You are NOT Connected to Node" above the Radio Player please try to reload the Page. Please remember that you can not have multiple streams from one Browser. If you have multiple streams from the same Browser you won't be able to get a connection to the Node.

What is the adFree Version?

As a user you can listen to over 30.000 radiostations and no ads will get displayed.

What is the Premium Version of

You will earn 20% more activity points while listening to your favorite radiostation and you also dont see ads in the app. You also support further development of the app and our services.

Where can i find your privacy statement?

Our privacy statement can you find here:

What are Activity Points?

For streaming Radio/Videos on and you will get Activity-Points(AP). Those APs are converted hourly to BRO Coins according to the amount of Users streaming at the same time.

Where can i sell or buy BRO?

You can find a list of exchanges which have listed us on:

I have some BRO on my Balance, when can I withdraw/payout them?

If you have set a Payout address in the Profile the Balance will be payed out after reaching 0.1 BRO.<br>In case that more than 0.1 BRO on the balance please notice us and we will check that.

How can I delete my account on

Go to; Login to your account. Go to your profile page. There you see a big red button Delete Account. Click it, a popup will appear. Read the message. Click the button Delete my account irreversible. You get an email to confirm it. Click the link in the email to delete your account. With a click on delete my account irreversible all your data will be irretrievably deleted. A restoration is not longer possible. You are losing your unpaid balance and all your referred users.

How many Bro are created every year?

There will be 1.314.000 BRO created every year. 80% for users which are listening to the radio and 10% for Proof of stake mining and 10% for masternode owners.

Can you add Google Recaptcha or Solvmedia?

We tested different Captcha providers and KeyCaptcha performed the best. As long as we don´t get big problems with them we do not plan to change/add the Captcha type.

How many Accounts/Streams can I have from the same IP?

With 1 IP you can have 4 accounts. The Accounts aren´t allowed to be referred to each other and must have different Payout and Email addresses. Otherwise it will result in a IP Ban.

How can I run my own Masternode?

For running your own Masternode you need: 2500 BRO, PC or VPS (24/7 online), static IP. If you can fulfill those requirements please follow Guide.

Error submitting From

To solve this error pelase reload the website. The Captcha should work then.

Where i can find last announcement/news

You can find all New on our News section ( or on all of our Social Media Channels.

I have deleted my wallet.dat

Sorry to say this, but when you lost your wallet.dat, and made no Backup, your BROs are gone. Always make a backup from your wallet.dat to restore your wallet.

How can I secure my Wallet?

In Crypto it is indispensable to secure his own funds. The safest place for every Coin is always the Desktop Wallet on the own PC. This can be locked with a passphrase in Settings -> Encrypt Wallet. If you set a password please be sure to write it down. If you loose it nobody can help you to recover your funds. Furthermore it is important to make regular Backups of the wallet.dat or the Private Keys.

How can I speed up the syncing with my wallet?

please add addnodes into the bitradio.conf, you can find them on!network

My Question/problem was not answered

You can contact us using various channels:<br>Telegram:<br>Discord:<br>Open a Ticket: or send a E-mail to: [email protected]
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